Friday, December 24, 2010

Sad, but grateful

Well here it is, the sad entry.
My emotions have been running on high these past couple of days, it's Christmas and my selfishness is getting the best of me.. I miss my Mom.
This year it feels a little harder then usual however. I am used to things to keep my mind preoccupied, like having other people to see and come see us, and this year it's just us. :(
Nothing to really keep my mind from wondering back to a day filled with her laughter, her wonderful grand parenting and her yummy onion omelet Christmas morning around 11am.

My Mother was a one of a kind woman! She made people laugh all the time. She had more little sayings that she always said.(more then anyone I have ever met.) She always found the item that was different, (from gifts to items in the kitchen cupboard.) She was mouthy, but with style. She either loved you and meant it, or didn't like you and didn't hide it! She always understood me and NEVER judged me. She was my best friend. She was my idol. She was AMAZING! She was my Mom! I love her. I miss her.

I am grateful for the 30 years I had her. I am grateful she met and loved 5 of my 8 children. I am grateful for all the lessons she taught me. I am grateful she didn't have to feel the pain of losing her Mother. But mostly I am grateful for the amazing memories I have with her!

The once excruciating pain that I once felt, is now less painful because it is cushioned by the love and joy my family brings to me.

A small prayer..
Dear Lord,
Thank you for my Mother, she was a gift of immeasurable worth!

Merry Christmas! Hope all the best to you and yours.


  1. This almost made me cry, I wish I could be with you right now :(( This Christmas has been feeling different to me too this year, a little sad, I don't know why. I miss you so much everyday <3
    Love you xx

  2. OH Heather. I'm praying for more healing to come your way. I don't want to ever know what you are going through. Grief is something I have little experience with and no experience with when it comes to losing a parent. Your mother sounds like she was a beautiful woman. Hugs to you and your whole family. I feel so lucky to have met you while you were here in Ohio.

  3. I'm grateful to your mom and the kid's Grandma Regular, because she raised an amazing woman, you, My bestest friend that loves and cares about me and Kasey because she raised you to be that wonderful of a person. I'm grateful that she molded you into a fun-loving, blunt, very truthful person, who has no problem giving her heart to those she feels deserves it, and to those she just can't help but love anyway. You are a product of a very loving, caring, talented, inspirational, woman who mastered the art of raising a profoundly loving child.