Thursday, January 23, 2014

Big Family

As I was looking through my photos, my thoughts wandered.

Man, we sure do love our kids!!

 I was allowed to highlight 2 shows a day in the TV guide, every Sunday when Mom was done memorizing the great deals at every store around. That was the extent to what I was allowed to watch.
Our kids have less TV time then most of their friends, but more then I feel is needed.

Playing video games was so rare. Tetris was my game of choice. On Nintendo (yes the original).
Some of our kids act as though they will melt into a blob of gooey slime if they have to go 2 days without video games.

They have chores, but nothing as straining as washing the floors on hands and knees, or mowing the grass. I did both of those by age 10.

Each has one chore that is strictly their own, and I call out names as something small needs attention.
I never make it from point A (let's say the living room recliner) to point B (let's say the kitchen) without picking up something. Its a habit I love about myself, and also hope my children take notice and begin to make this a habit of their own.

People often say "You have your hands full", I feel like the only time my hands are fuller then other parents is when my kids slack on their chores.

Yes we have to take roll call every time we get in the van, yes we have to line up 11 plates every night for dinner, yes we have to schedule showers, but this feels so normal to us. 

I find it odd when we only have 4 kids home for dinner, I find it quiet when there are only 5 kids in the house, I feel like we are on a date when we only have 2 kids run to the store with us.

Our kids are so lucky to have each other, being an only child was lonely, boring, and not to mention it meant I had no one to blame anything on! haha

Being in a large family makes some outsiders look at our kids with pity… HA

We have more pictures, more game nights, more laughs, more parties, more family discussions, more compliments, more love and lots more hugs then the average size family. 
We feel like we hit the kid lottery, not only are they healthy, happy, and well behaved, they are kind, giving, entertaining, and just plain awesome!!

How do you feel about big families?

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  1. I love big families! Especially mine (you guys ;)

    I can't imagine life without every single one of them in it and I'm sure they (and you) feel the exact same way! And it's funny cuz when there is only a couple of them in your house - it does seem empty! Lol