Friday, January 17, 2014

A kids view


Recently my mom learned how to crochet and I feel like thats all she does anymore. Thats why I had to write this blog for her.

But at least I'm getting a blanket out of it.IM SO EXCITED!!!!! My mom is making this really cool blanket for me.

This is called a granny square , mom is going to make 88 of these squares and in all different colors ,too.

Then sow them all together and voila, my blanket.

She is also making my sister Eva a blanket, hers looks like the picture above. Isn't it cute? Its called a double stitch. 
Her blanket is all purple.

Just one more to show, this is LilyKate's blanket. It has more colors than Eva's, but less than mine. Her stitch is called petite shell.

But she does not just make blankets, she makes cute scarfs like both of these! this stitch is called shell.

And this pot holder. 
This stitch is also the double stitch.

Well, I guess I can't say thats all she does. She gets on Heavenly Steals (My Aunt Barb told her about it) and gets cute books like this.
 We also got this free Joyce Meyer calendar from there, also.  But I have to admit I love it, too!

And she folds all of the laundry, which I guess is a pretty big job because there are 11 of us!

But something she did was really cool, she made homemade hot coco mix! It's Delectable!

Thanks for reading,
Your new temporary blogger, 

Do you know how to make a blanket?


  1. Great post Mini!! That is so awesome that mom is doing crochet - and your blanket looks like its going to be so colorful and warm! :) She is really good at it, I can't believe how much she has done already! Are you learning too?? Miss you so much! xx

  2. I could probably make a blanket but your mom is doing a FABULOUS job!!! Looks great!! It will be very warm and cozy! You write very well Isabelle! Loved reading your blog. Love you Aunt Marie