Tuesday, January 7, 2014



Sometimes some quiet time with no one else around to just think, reflect on things, choices we have made, is essential to our growth.

Our mistakes are the best tool (if used properly) to help us grow.

I have made so many mistakes in my life!
Some small, and some so large I never thought I would bounce back.

Recently, I have taken more and more time to evaluate the things I say, my actions and my choices.

As a mother and wife I believe women need to schedule time (even if just an hour) each day, to reflect.
This time, no matter how long, will help us be better mothers, wives, friends, daughters, etc... (same goes for men)

Being a stay at home mom, is not as 'peaches and cream' as some would like to believe.

There are days that I am so overwhelmed with chores, I wish for a maid. But realize a maid wouldn't even handle the chores that mostly overwhelm me. Such as laundry, meal planning, organizing the craft cupboard, and for goodness sakes matching socks!!!!

There are days that I have appointments, errands and still have to fit lunch for the littles. Not to mention its definitely not my favorite getting 2 kids in and out their car seats every stop, while remembering to grab my keys, purse, usually a cup and locking the van.

Anyone else feels like making dinner is emotionally draining? I have 11 people that I am trying to please without making 3 different meals. That is almost impossible. 

Ok so, as I go over all the difficulties of my 'job',  I feel bad, I have so many perks and benefits.

Oh that is the reflection I am speaking of.... I am reflecting as I type this blog.

See just a few quiet moments, and its like all the good comes flooding, why is it that we (you know you do it too) fight off the good and try to find or dwell on the things that upset us, or bring us back to the frustration?  I don't have an answer, but I have been working really hard to find the good and push away the bad.

I have chose to make this change mostly based from different things I have read. My devotionals, inspirational quotes app on my phone and e-cards on social media.  Have you read this one on Facebook or Instagram?

Its one of my favorites.

This really hit me. At the time we are living the difficult moments, it feels as though we are falling deeper into a black hole then ever before. But once it passes, and it ALWAYS DOES, looking back always shows a lesson, if we look for it.

So when I allow myself to dwell on the negative, essentially that only prolongs the upset.
Deciding to look for and focus on the good, no matter how small ALWAYS, yes always helps the difficult moments pass more smoothly. 

Please take time each day to reflect, and find the positive in your life, in your day and in your difficult moments.
I truly believe it will bring brighter days!

"Happiness is choice." 
Someone said this to me on day I was choosing to be angry, that day I didn't like that sentence nor did I believe it.
Today, I agree and encourage you tell yourself that when you feel like its not an option.

How often do you take time to reflect?

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