Wednesday, December 19, 2012

10 Things I have done

10 Things I have done

I am not extremely interesting. Nor have I done many interesting things. But I dug deep and found 10 things I have done that are somewhat interesting.
 I have....

  1. Attended a Tulip Festival.  Tulips have been my favorite flower since I can remember.  My husband surprised me with a 4 day weekend getaway to Holland, Michigan. There were tulips EVERYWHERE! It was one of the most beautiful places I could ever imagine. I found a very unique tulip in a field of millions.... 
  2. Experienced 3 different types of child delivery.  Natural was my favorite delivery. I felt like wonder woman. I have delivered with epidural, without epidural (all natural) and c-sections.        
  3. Danced on stage with Chubby Checker. When I was small my Dad took me to a free concert for Chubby Checker. The twist is easy enough for a kid and I was so excited that I was getting really into it, so he grabbed my hand and pulled me on stage to dance with him!                          
  4. Been to the Bahamas.  My husband planned and kept everything a secret. One place we went during our 12 day honeymoon was, the Bahamas. Absolutely loved the clear water, seeing seahorses, and watching Jon play basketball with the natives, barefoot!                                        
  5. Had a shark bump into my leg.  While in Daytona (another honeymoon destination) a shark bumped into my leg, when I was only in the water waist deep. YIKES!                                        
  6. Have put together over 37 scrapbooks Scrap-booking is a great way to display all the fun and love our family shares. We own 37 scrapbooks of the ones I have made. I have also made many for gifts. I anticipate many, many more!                                                                                          
  7. Enjoyed Disney World with 7 of our kids.  Best family vacation we have ever had!! We experienced a "magical moment", that is where a group of staff pick your family to have extra special something. LilyKate was a baby, but the rest of the kids remember so many details.           
  8. Moved 1300 miles from my hometown.  Everyone and everything I have known most of my life is in Ohio. We love when family and friends come visit, but Texas is our home now. We love the people, the sunshine, and the diversity here!                                                                      
  9. Made a tradition.  Every year we take pictures of our kids and make a holiday postcard. We love them and we love the response we get when all our friends and family receive them.           
  10. Shaved my head I used to LOVE Sinéad O'Connor, so I shaved my head like her. It was awesome to see the shock on people's faces, but it wasn't so great waiting for it to grow back
Sinéad O'Connor 
Have you done many interesting things? Please Share!

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