Monday, December 24, 2012

Perfect Mom?

I have heard a phrase lately that isn't a very nice one, so I decided to share a list and my feelings about this phrase-

What kind of mom....

*forgets a kid at home
*bottle feeds /breast feeds
*will let their kids drink soda
*send their kids outside alone
*spanks their kids
*yells at their kids
*goes out and leaves her kids with a sitter
*makes kids do chores
*gives their kids chips for breakfast
*doesn't clean her house better
*let's her kids wear crazy clothes in public
*let's their kids play video games on school nights
*allows their kids to back talk
*feed their kids lots of junk
*smokes around her kids
*naps while her kids watch TV
*use profanity in front of their kids
*let their babies have pacifiers for yeas
*allows their kids to walk or ride their bike blocks away

I could go on and on.

I have done many of the above listed either now or at some point in my parenting years. I have also thought to myself (and even said to friends or family) 'how could she'.
Until I myself opened my eyes, and my heart and realized... everyone is fighting their own battle.

How crazy is it that some of the exact things I thought or said 'I will never...', or 'I can't believe...' I FOUND MYSELF DOING?! yep. you know you are guilty of the same thing!

We have no right. It brings me back to a blog I did called, Judgement.
NO MOM is perfect, everyone of us has a flaw. Please be kinder to fellow parents, as we all are learning, all the time. (I am speaking to myself as well, I am striving to be a better parent and a better person).

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I don't make a habit out of most of the things but heck in my opinion every parent does multiple things off this list. I consider myself to be a great parent, but human :) DANG IT I never knew chips were bad LOL