Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Things not to do

I have been making mental lists ever since I became a parent. Lists of things to remember, things I need to pick up, things my kids like, things that cause drama, etc...
However my longest list (and funniest) I wanted to share with you... 

Funny things NOT to do

*Never match socks
My kids would rather wear mismatched socks - DEFINITELY NOT matched ones so why waste my time.
*Do not leave clothes that are too small for your baby/child in their dresser.
Or THE day you ask your husband to help you get the kids ready while you get yourself ready so your not late- BAM .... he finds that outfit out the ENTIRE dresser.

*Never tell your teenage child you will help them with their homework.
Because you really will not remember learning that from middle/high school.

*Do not assume just because you fed your teenage son 5 minutes ago that he is full.

*Never think skinny jeans mean you have to be skinny to fit them.

*Do not believe your daughter with pufflicious hair will handle her hair herself as a teen.
She will convince you that you do a much better job.

*Do not assume just because they passed the tests at school, that kids can actually tell time on clocks that are not digital.

*Never trust your child has brushed their teeth every night/morning without you bothering them.
As a matter of fact, that also goes for deodorant.

*Never tell someone your baby waves and says bye-bye.
He will wait until completely out of the site of the person to actually wave and say bye-bye.

*Do not bother asking the kids if they made their bed.
It's always made, they either sleep on the floor or sleep on top of covers to avoid making their bed.

*Never get your hopes up that a family portrait of 11, will have everyone smiling nicely.
There is always one (or more) that make a crazy face.     

There are so many more and I may blog again about this same topic, as I am sure my list will continue to grow over the years. Hope you enjoyed this short list.

I would love to know if y'all have any DO NOT things that you mental list. Please share. 

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  1. HAHA! I love this :) the one about Jon picking out the one outfit that is too small made me LOL! And my favorite family picture of you all is one where Eva is tiny with piggytails, and making the goofiest face with her tongue out! :))

    xx Love you!