Wednesday, December 19, 2012

10 Things I would like to do

10 Things I would like to do

Everyone has things they would like to do, however a lot of people do not make lists. I read that making lists actually helps you accomplish the things you want to do. No matter if it is a daily list, a weekly list or a long term goals list. So I thought I would share my long term goals list.
I would like to....

  1. Own my own business. I have always wanted a restaurant, but lately that has changed. Some of children are so picky and opinionated, that I do not know if I have think enough skin for people telling me or others they do not like my dishes. I have a few ideas.. a little girls spa, photo editing company, real estate company, or a consignment shop.
  2. Ride on a sailboat. I have been on a speed boat, a pontoon boat and a cruise ship, but never a sailboat. I think they are beautiful as well as interesting. 
  3. Lose 100 pounds. I am obese. Probably, because I love food way more then I love to workout. I have lost and gained many times, but as of recently I have been trying 2 new avenues (I will share, but not until they show great results). 
  4. Own a Jeep Wrangler.  A friend of mine owns one of these, and I have wanted one ever since. They are comfortable, high off the ground, large, smooth ride and easy to drive. Oh how I long to own one of these! 
  5. Attend all 9 of my kids Graduation. They are all on a path to graduate, but sometimes things happen. 
  6. Travel to Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Australia. I have Italian and Scottish history, my husband (and obviously our kids) have Irish history. Australia is just very appealing to me because of the foods, the animals, and the AWESOME very different then I'm used to, lingo.
  7. Take our family of 11 to Disney. I love family pictures, and having one with all 11 of us standing in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom would be the icing on my wall!
  8. Buy a vacation home. A vacation home in another country would be my favorite, but having one in Hawaii, Florida, or California would be great also. I think having a place that we can share with our kids as they become families and start to vacation would be a great way to have stories to pass down.
  9. Be a Grandmother. Many of my friends are already grandmothers, and I love hearing and reading their excitement. My mom was a fantastic Grandma. I only hope to be the Grandma she was.
  10. Have a vow renewal celebration. I am lucky, blessed, and completely grateful to have married the most amazing, loving, attractive, perfect mate for me! I would love a celebration to commit myself to him again! (of course the beautiful dresses, the lovely hairstyles, the fantastic decorations, dancing, and laughing with loved ones are added bonus!!)
 Do you have a list of things you want to do? Please share!

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