Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catching up

Just a plain post to catch up.

I haven't posted in over a year, but I have been taking pictures and creating memories to share on this blog.
I am hopeful that I will come back strong and keep at my blog.
I want to thank my readers for encouraging me to get back to it, and for those of you that are new I hope you enjoy keeping up with our family.
Since my last post I have added an amazing baby boy to our already large family. He turns 1 year old tomorrow. This year seems to have flown past.

 Jacob is now in 9th grade. Being a freshmen seems pretty easy for him. He is very creative and he impresses me regularly with the cool items he makes and they work!!

 Hannah is in 8th grade and as always she handles school work with ease. At school she is in a program called PALs it stands for Peer Assistance and Leadership. It is a very elite group of students, that are selected. Out of hundreds of applicants, they accept 24. Reading is her favorite past time except now a lot of it is done on her iPhone.

 Michael is in 5th grade. His newest addition to his wardrobe are his glasses. He looks very handsome in them. He gets A's and B's in school.  Video games and legos are his ideal entertainment.

 Isabelle is also in 5th grade. She is in Art Club at school. (You have to be selected). She is also in Girls Club. She does very well in school. She likes to have a salon in our bathroom or play school as long as she is the teacher.

 Eva is in 3rd grade. She is an extraordinary student. She enjoys crafts and workbooks.

 Grace is in 2nd grade. She is an outstanding student. She enjoys singing and dancing.

LilyKate is in kindergarten. She started the year at a very low level. She is now right on track. She enjoys playing with her tea set and wearing her dress up clothes.

Annelise is 4 years old. She is extremely smart. She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Playing the iPad is her favorite.

Leo is spoiled by everyone since he is the last baby. He loves to throw things and he is surfing the furniture still. He loves food, among his favorites are bananas, mandarin oranges, and avocados.

 Jon is in his 30's. He is excited that his business is doing well. Adhere Creative now has 3 employees. Jon plays volley ball 2-3 days a week. Some of his favorites are hugs from his kids, snuggling me, and Starbucks.

(right to left) Joan, Me, Sherayne, Laura, and Carrie

Me and Leslie

Dawna and I
 And then there is Me.
I am too old to mention. I am extremely proud of my family and love them all dearly. I made friends with many wonderful people in this last year. I cannot believe we have been in Texas for 2 and half years! I love company (yes that is a hint).

Well there you have it, the first of many blogs now that I have returned.

Whats new in your life? I would love to know.


  1. I miss you all so much! So happy to see you have started your blog again, so have I :)) Keep posting lots of pictures and what you have been up to. On a side note: sooo happy for you and Jon that the business is going so well! I knew it would!

  2. It's about time LOL. I've been waiting. You the resin I got on here. I was inspired to get back on the horse :)