Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I was tickled to receive these Nike Air Max as my birthday gift (early my birthday is the end of this month). But I noticed that there seemed to be many different styles of Nikes in our house.

I didn't realize that Nikes were so loved around our house
This is not even all of them.... I was too lazy to go into everyone closet and get the others.

These are newest Nikes to come into our house...
Jaime's (bottom) Jon's, Hannah's, Julie's, Mine

I have so many topics for blogs, but I really have been slacking in the gumption department... so I took some pictures of our cool Nikes and decided to use as filler one day... today was that day.
I will have some fun and interesting topics soon so please check back.

Do you have a favorite brand of shoe?

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