Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Say Cheese!

First let me apologize for so many days away from my blog ... I will attempt to keep up better!!
Thank you to my frequent readers!!

I love to take pictures...
I take pictures of weird things, and fun things, and big things, and yummy things.... but most of all I love taking pictures of my kids! (don't all parents?)

So my 2 youngest, always ask to use the other camera to take pictures of each other and many other things around the house.

Here I took some pictures of them using the camera... (so adorable to me)...

2 years old

3 years old

I wanted to see how hey were doing so I looked at the pictures they had taken pretty impressive...

2 year old taking after her mom
Ok so she didn't move her finger, but I showed her the mistake and she learned quickly from it...

She took an excellent picture of her sister spinning in a circle as a part of her dance!!

3 year old giving the camera a whirl
Ok so her first try she thought he could dance with her sister while taking her picture.... ooops, but again i showed her the mistake and told her how to do better and.....
GREAT job... I love messy face pictures!!

So they wanted to take a few more and here is the picture they chose to take...
2 yr old took

3 yr old took

I was really impressed with this next one that we both clicked at the same time!!!...

I had fun learning how the kids see things, and I really enjoyed catching some on film... hope you did too!!

How many undeveloped rolls of film do you have laying around?

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