Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Upcoming Teen Party

The time has finally come.... I have a teenager!

Ok well not technically for a week, but Hannah and Jacob are having a combo party this Friday!
Both of them were permitted to invite up to 9 friends (I am secretly hoping only 2 friends of each show).

So, I find myself wanting to plan a party with games and a theme. Sadly I was informed those things are not cool when you're in middle school!

But I keep thinking What the H are all these middle school kids gonna do???
I came up with a 'Kool" idea... a scavenger hunt. The kind with riddles to get them from point A to point B.
(do not be impressed I looked up at least half of the riddles online)

I need to have something to entertain the smaller kids while the 'teens and preteens' are doing their thing. So Julie, Jaime, and I have come up with clues for a scavenger hunt for them as well.

Now all I have to do is come up with good prizes. They have to be 'Awsm' or I may embarrass Jacob and Hannah.

We have been informed that pizza is cool and cake is not.

Pop is cool and water is not.

I am pretty sure I will be told to stop taking so many pictures, but of course I will keep snapping away!

As excited as I am for this party, I can honestly say I am sad to welcome the teen years. I have heard and slightly remember that teens hate their parents and think everything they say is wrong!

In my head (aka fantasy land), I envision that all my honesty and bluntness will help us get through these difficult years with less pain then I inflicted upon my Mom.

Guess only time will tell!

For now I just need to focus on this upcoming party, and try to keep it...

I would love any budget friendly 'kool' prize ideas you may have.

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  1. well for the girls maybe you could do hair guys maybe some kind of basketball game with a prize for the winner :) hope it turns out good