Sunday, April 10, 2011



I have a small (when I say small I really mean ridiculous) obsession with books, mostly children's books.

We have a few favorites here at the Feagain household...

A gift from Grandma Regular (aka my Mom)

another gift from my Mom to my kids, it's a little beat up but still a favorite!!

 We have multiple copies of this one... my Aunt loves this book so much she gives a copy to almost every child born in her family.
This set is from my all time favorite book company... Usborne

Some of my favorite books as a child... I still have and I love seeing my kids enjoy them!
This is my original book from when I was 6

this is also from my shelf as child

sadly this one isn't a Heather shelf original but I found it and bought!!

my husband favorite childhhood story
 In our sitting room we have a shelf with a nice array books for everyone...
rescued this book from a used book store for $5, it has some great information in it.

of course we have this set!

and everyone should own this set and read them often!! (I cannot go to school today said little Peggy Ann McKay, I have the measles and the mumps a gash a rash and purple bumps...)

these 3 books are extremely awesome!! they were a gift from a wonderful friend/fellow book lover
My daughter brought this book home from school and she INSISTED that I read it... it is one of her favorite books she's read, Julie and I concur. I INSIST everyone should read this book!!

Thrilled to see that least a few of my kids have my love for books, I am hopeful that most, if not all, will grow to love them.

What is your favorite childhood/present book??

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  1. oH we have so many! I'm a book lover too. :) I have to say that Owl Babies comes to mind when I think of my favorite book to read to my little guys. Such a sweet childrens book.