Monday, April 4, 2011


We were told that everything is bigger in Texas!
Well, in most cases that we have come across, this has been true and usually a good thing.
Such as the prizes at the carnival...
The highways are 6-7 lanes wide instead of the small 3 lane highways I have drove on.

The houses are bigger, ok maybe not all of them, but this one is...

However.... the exception that we have seen is ever so creepy!

At the first house we lived in Texas, we had to share our property with this lovely and EXTREMELY LARGE fellow. When I say EXTREMELY LARGE I mean the size of an egg!

 As a matter of fact, I tried to go in the back yard to see it myself and I was too freaked out!
Jon had to take these pictures for me!!

I have looked several times to identify this luck sorry. I named him Scary Harry.

So we move to this new house and we have a new little fellow to share the patio with.... eeeeeek
 (click on the picture to enlarge)

wolf spider ~among the top 10 deadliest spiders check it out

I was ABSOLUTELY not the person that put the lighter the first night (that was Jaime's brave self) or the ipod the second night (that was Julie's crazy self getting that close AHHHHH) that he blessed us with his presence!!!

This fast and furious mega bug (looked like a beetle or cockroach) was on the step outside Nathan's Apartment.
Sorry the pic is so blurry, I do not like bugs so getting this pic wasn't easy for me.

I wish I could have got him to stand still for a comparison pic, but it was as long as my index finger
Bugs creep me out. But spiders.... OH MY GOODNESS get them away from me!!!

Can you identify the first spider?


  1. you know i actually had a dream of these spiders after i read this and they where in your house well i have never seen it but in my dream i had seen it and well people kept rtying to get one on me like throwing base balls in the web towards me yikes!!!!

  2. just so you know....that was definitly a spider outside of the apartment....yuck.