Friday, April 1, 2011

Puppet Show

Uncle Aaron had a great idea... he had the kids get socks to decorate for a puppet show!

I wanted to share this full of laughs event.

There were 3 different stories Grandpa-far-away's favorite childhood story Cat in the Hat, one of my favorite childhood stories The Monster at the end of the book, and I forget who's favorite childhood story, Beauty and the Beast.
behind the scene...( curtain)

next group waiting as patiently as possible to tell their story

Cat in the Hat

Mr. fish, joined by Cat in the Hat
Aunt Jackie watched the entire puppet show from the computer on Skype. Here the kids are showing her a close up the puppets they made.
Next story was the The Monster at the end of the book.

Grover (the one who wasn't scared at all!)

Showing off all their hard work to Aunt Jackie
 Now it was time to Beauty and the Beast... we were blessed with 2 very talented Gaston's...

Gaston sang for our puppet show

and sang well!

in the end the Beast turned into this handsome Prince. He and the lovely Belle lived happily ever after.

Everyone enjoyed Uncle Aaron's idea.

Did you perform puppet shows when you were a kid?


  1. Thank you for not posting the video.... what fun this was to watch, did you mention the different colors of hands post puppet creation.