Thursday, April 14, 2011

Control Freak

Do you know a Control Freak?
Of course you do.... Me!

But I meant other then me...

They have to have things done their way, in the time frame they think is the correct amount of time.

They do not like people to challenge what they say is right.

They do not like to watch their friends or family 'live and learn' they just want others to listen to- the correct thing they should do.

They like their house cleaned a certain way or they consider it WRONG!

Their kids have to wear the clothes they think are the best choice.

and so, so much more....

To start with life really isn't as serious as control freaks make it!!

I often wonder to myself(usually after my meltdown), why I get so worked up over something being done differently then I thought it should have been.

However, sometimes (probably more often then not) when something is done other then the way I believe is right, things go wrong (which is what I anticipate hence my reason for wanting to control it).

Is this something that can be outgrown? Is this something that ruins friendships?
probably- is what I guess as the answer to both.

As much as I would love to say all bad things about control freaks, the truth is, they are needed.

There are many people (and I am sure you know someone in this category) that do not get things done, or care to excel, unless there is someone (usually a control freak) in their ear being particular.

Control freaks help hoarders handle their mess, control freaks help children on the wrong path find their way, control freaks usually help others to attempt to better themselves.

There are ups and downs just like everything else... I guess...

But since I have a control issue myself... of course I find the good :)

Again I ask, Do you know a control freak? (besides me)

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  1. ummm yea frank in his own way but i think we all know that lol cause he is just like you lol