Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UPS = Smiles

When I see the UPS truck pull up out front, I always get so excited like kid on Christmas! Pretty funny, because I am usually the one ordering whatever shows up. Anyway I decided to show you my latest delivery.
I know I should be over it by now since I have been selling and receiving these Partylite boxes for a few years now... but I love the smell of the candles inside, and the excitement of burning a new fragrance.

Here is most of what came in the this box... this is my silly attempt at art
There are some jar candles, some melts for my warmers, and some votives ... there were also reed difusers in my VERY favorite fragrance, Tangelo Mojito (sadly it is retired, boo)
In my warmers.... I decided to go all Tangelo Mojito on the house today....
If someone asked me just one thing I think everyone should buy from partylite... it would most DEFINITELY be a warmer!!
This is my husbands favorite Partylite piece. It was a gift a few years back. I just added this picture because I lit it today and it looked lovely!

What's your favorite Partylite fragrance?

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