Saturday, March 26, 2011

Disappointment? Blessing?

Lately I have been thinking... about blessings.
Most people I know, (including myself) tend to dwell, and sometimes obsess over the things, experiences or people we do not have. We will call them disappointments. Instead of being grateful and excited for the things, experiences and people we are blessed with!!!!

All the pressures of life...'being a good parent' and 'raising kids right'.
Along with being accepted by friends and getting approval from family.
Pleasing customers and bosses all the while.

That is a lot if you let it get to you.

 I am a firm believer that EVERYTHING happens for reason!
A perfect example from my own life (it took me a LONG time to step back and see the blessing)...
My Mother (best friend and rescuer from all) passed away. I thought my life was over. I was being paid back for all the terrible things and lies I told when I was younger. I also blamed, hated, and became jealous of many people around me. (including myself)

Like I said before it took me a long time to find the blessing and the reason that she was taken from me.
I have grown (physically yes, but not what I meant), I am stronger, less lazy and more motivated then I have ever been.

Blessings come in large forms, all the way down to something tiny.

So what can we do to try harder to appreciate the blessings instead of holding on to the disappointments?
My opinion is, forgive. Forgive others, forgive yourself.
I'm not sure if I like the use of the word Destiny, but I will use it.
Doesn't all the thing that happen whether they are heart wrenching, or just a little upsetting, whether they are AMAZING or just put a smile on your face, apart of our Destiny? Would you be the person you are without the ups and downs?? Would you know the things and people that you know??

Life to me is like a puzzle. Every piece matters and you cannot change the pieces.

Forgive. Forgive yourself for not making the time to coach your child at sports. Forgive yourself for yelling at your spouse. Forgive yourself for lying.

But also forgive others. Forgive your brother for bragging about his new purchase. Forgive the person that hurt your child. Forgive the people that weren't there for you.

It has all past and now you have to try to find the reason/blessing hidden. Because holding on to all the disappointments and anger doesn't fix or change ANYTHING! But finding the hidden blessing could help you and/or others grow.

Trying to count my blessings more often is a goal of mine...

I have 8 kids that are healthy happy, and  all love me! (for right now, the teens are approaching us)
I have a husband that looks at me with a sparkle in his eye after all the years and all the trials we have been through.
I believe in my heart I have THE MOST AMAZING FRIENDS I could ever ask for or dream up!
A blessing that is little but I am grateful for, I have learned the art (and pleasure) of a clean house.
I have many more... but I am more interested in your blessings...

Can you share a few of your blessings? (may help me see more in my own life)


  1. I am blessed to have two of the best parents I could ever ask for.

    I am blessed to have a job that allows me to make my passion for dance a reality in my daily life.

    I am blessed to have my health, something that I am going to make a priority and work harder at taking care of.

    I am blessed to be able to spoil myself with trivial things from time to time.

    I am blessed to have friends that feel like soul mates, as if the universe meant us to find each other.

    I am blessed to have a man that tells me I am beautiful everyday.

    I am blessed to have a little cousin that made me realize it is possible to find yourself, your other half, in another person.

    And of course...I am blessed to have you as a best friend <3

  2. I am blessed in so many ways I cannot even count. I am definitely blessed by the people that have been, that are, and that will be in my life for all the reason, I'm sure I'll never know, but are none-the-less there. Everyone is there to help me achieve what God has sent me to do, just as I'm here to help others do what they're sent to do. I can say that I am definitely blessed for making the choices I have and being in Texas with the best family any woman, man or child could ever be lucky enough to be blessed with by being apart of. I have a wonderful daughter in heaven, and one on here walking with me on our journey of life. I have my health, I have a sane mind (most of the time)and I have a inner desire, a drive to make a great and happy life for myself and my daughter, and those I love around me. There is no point in not helping anyone I can along the way :) These are just a small few thoughts :)

  3. With every negative thing that has happened to me in life, if I didn't choose to look at my blessings instead. I would live in a sink hole. I look at things as life lessons. I'm blessed to have my two girls and to know that despite everyone's opinions and thoughts I'm doing a great job at raising them.

    That alone makes me smile and keeps me happy! and the hugs and kisses help :)