Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The big set up!

While Julie's entourage was in town, we went to Wiliams Water Wall. Even though we have lived here for 6 months, that was my first time there.
While we were there it was very chilly outside and windy also, so I clicked a couple pictures...

Julie posing it up...
Christopher, Terrie and Julie...
Christopher then tells us one more picture...

OMG how exciting! He planned this out so I could be present since I was the one that introduced them.
To celebrate, all 19 of us went out to dinner at an AMAZING restaurant...
Smile! I want a picture of everyone together

Ok everyone make a fishy face...
lots of neat things going on inside and out!

Not only was the decor AMAZING... but the food was DEEE lish

Dessert looked YUMMY, what should we get??
everyone picked something different...
this is called yum al la yum (ok so I name it that)

this is one is yummy all day

and this one is called chocolate heaven yum
the kids even got to pick a dessert each (they had 3 choices) make your own sundae, make your own ice cream sandwich (they ate them before I could get a picture), or paint the fish

I love making memories with people I love!
A toast to the newly engaged couple... Here's to your happily ever after.


  1. so glad that i could share this memory with you... wish i was there... Chris you are a lucky man.

  2. Best trip to Texas ever. Also, I am the greatest planner ever. Also, best Fiance` ever.

    Just saying.