Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love MakeUp

MAKE-UP!!! Oh how I love make-up!
I have so many different brands, I like different things from each.
In my collection right now I have Mary Kay, E.L.F., NYX, Loreal, MAC, and a few more but they are absent from my crazy mind at this time.

Recently while shopping with my husband, we came across quite an extraordinary deal on E.L.F. products!
The amount of money spent is incredible!
This compact was only $5 on clearance!
 I was really attracted to the golds in the compact.

I had never bought E.L.F. lip gloss before but I figured what the heck, it was so cheap that if I didn't like it I could give them to my daughters.
This package of lip gloss cost ONLY $2.50
Sadly, the tube on the top left was broke when I opened it. ( that was my favorite color in the pack) I let my daughters have most of them, I did keep the one on the top right. It's definitely not my favorite lip gloss.

I mostly had browns and neutrals in my collection, which tends to be BORINNNNGG after awhile.
So when I seen the colors in these packages and the price... well I HAD to have them!!
This cost $2.50 and I use the brush/eye liner pencil all the time!

 The color I have used most from the colors above has to be the shimmering white.

Cost $2.50... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gold and the sparkling black
and again $2.50

Did I mention that I have a lot of browns and neutrals? Well maybe because they what I turn to most of the time. I have been trying to use more variety of colors, but this pack was just too inviting to pass up!!!
Grand Total for all purchases $15!
It made me happy and Jon happy at the same time!!

What's your favorite brand and color?

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  1. i know you love that make-up i remember how you told me when you were pregnant that you always knew that it was going to be agirl because you would always want to look pretty and bee dressed up