Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Warrior Dash!!

Oh My Goodness!!!
This sign says it all!!

As we were pulling in to park you could feel the excitement rise in everyone.
Brittany put a lot of hard work into the tutu's she made for the ADHERE Creative Team...

Aaron (Jon's brother) wanted to try on a tutu...
Once we were shuttled to the event, us photographers...

...eased our way to the front of the spectators to catch some pretty cool pics of other fun people in the race, while we waited for our crew.

When Jon was in sight we started cheering and screaming for him to jump in ....
 Just jumping in was too easy and not exciting enough for "The Man" so he flipped in! Go Jon!

Just for the record, that is NOT me laughing!! It was a lady next to me!
Just a few minutes behind Jon was Aaron!! He didn't do any tricks because he didn't want to lose anything in the mud like most people were (including Jon).

While we waited for Jon business partners and Brittany, I snapped a few more pics of some other fun and crazy people.

Finally Nathan rounded the corner and we cheered, which brought a smile to his face right before he leaped into the Muddy Mayhem, bum leg and all!

Followed by Brittany, doesn't she wear that sparkly tutu well?

And finally pulling up the tail, Daniel and Tara... I believe Daniel is contemplating whether or not he should jump...
He leaps and goes for the gusto... tongue and all... while Tara tip toes her way in.
Here is our whole mud cover crew... Oh what brave and fun souls we have lined up here!!
And as for the poll on ADHERE Creative Facebook page ... well... if you were one of the 50 people that voted for Jon....
GOOD GUESS... he always says he's The Man, I suppose he is!
Mud never looked so good! The owners of ADHERE Creative always work hard, but they also play hard!

 Time to wash of in the warrior wash.. they walked down into a lake and rinsed :)
Jon and Aaron donated their mud covered shoes, silly Aaron forgot his shoes in the car. It was quite a walk without shoes on...but a real warrior can handle it!

All racers were given a tee-shirt and a viking hat for participating.

I love these warriors! They really know how to have a good time!

As we were headed back to our van, we seen some very creative people that were on their way to race... so we asked them to pose for us.
Again, this sign says it all...
Notice Aaron's shoes are missing
I am glad we all went and we had a great time together!

Who's down for next year's Warrior Dash??

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  1. count me in.... no shoe's and all