Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eggstra Special

My Mom and Jon's Dad and their omelet making skills are something I hope our kids remember forever, I sure will!
My Mom would make fluffy onion and cheese omelets at least two Sundays a month! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. mmmmmmm
Jon's Dad makes his so thin and FULL of yummy everything!!! Just about any vegetable you think of and /or cheese!
I am not the only person that loves these yummy omelets... Dad's tradition has been passed down to his kids (at least to, 2 of them). And lucky me, Jon can make an onion and cheese omelet almost as perfect as Mom used to.
Well that delicious breakfast favorite blessed our house while Uncle Aaron was in town.
Jon and Aaron even had special uniforms to celebrate the breakfast yumminess.
or they made them just to get some love!! Either way they are adorable together and of course silly!

What do you want in your omelet??
So many choices... I picked all of it, with the exception of the ham!

The bananas and oranges just happen to be on the counter, they were not an omelet option!
 Everyone had smiles on their face once they heard what was for breakfast. (and of course as soon as they seen the chefs uniforms!)

I had to be right in the middle of the action with the camera trying to catch Jon in the middle of the 'trick' to making the omelets so tasty...

 'So Kool' as my kids would say.

Some finished yumminess....

and lucky peeps digging in, I know your mouth is watering!

Thank you Jon and Aaron for such a fun and yummy brunch!

Do you have a favorite breakfast?

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  1. Who says to the Chef's go all the spoils.... welll they were right... the kisses were out of this world.... loved each and every peck.
    Chef Little Feagain