Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Obsession or Insanity?

I love the smell of a freshly cleaned kitchen or bathroom.

What is wrong with me?? I have become that cleaning crazed person that I thought only obsessive compulsive people were. (not that I don't have many OCD people in my life and adore them profusely)

I used to think socializing was so much more important than cleaning, resulting in me and my family running around trying to clean EVERYTHING right before a get together at my house!

I love my house clean and organized to the point that, every night after dinner I go straight from the table to the kitchen and scrub the dishes, of course with one of my cute scrubbers. When I wake in the morning I must start a load of laundry. I wipe the counters in the kitchen more times in a day then I can count.
 I walk around the house and look for things that I can clean or can have someone in the house clean.

Now I know that some of my friends and family members have been doing all this plus some for years, but it seemed to take me longer. I am grateful for this new found love of a clean and organized house.
I believe that I have finally grown up. And realized cleaning isn't as overwhelming and difficult as I once made myself believe. Which is why I procrastinated doing housework.
Another thing I believe is, the sunshine (instead of gray skies half the year) is a natural motivator. 

"A clean house is a happy house" a quote I read on Facebook recently, rings true to me. As well as a sign hanging in my sister-in-laws kitchen saying "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". 
If my house is clean, I am happy and if I am happy, then I tend to make everyone in the house happy.

Is cleaning your house an obsession or an obstacle?

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  1. haha thats true if your happy then they are but since you clean now does that mean the kids get less to do lol since you said you love doing dishes lol and cleaning and i know what you mean sbout sunshine and a clean house it makes it so much better i love the tidyness