Friday, March 11, 2011

Open House

Eva has a wanted posted hanging in the hall, if you see her there is a million dollar reward.... hahaha
Elementary school had open house last night.

Man I love to see the kids faces light up when they get to show us the things they have made at school, and the excitement in their voices as they tell us what each area of the classroom is designated to.

We caught a bunch of great pics of the kids with their teachers and some of their projects.
these fun heads were on each seat in Eva's classroom
Eva has so much admiration for Mrs. Ling (formerly Miss. Nguyen she just married on March 5th) she tells us all the time that she is so pretty (I agree) and so nice.
Grace couldn't find her tree artwork in the hallway so we just took a picture of her.

Grace showing us how they count by 10's with that hilarious hand, I couldn't stop laughing

It is suspected that Grace may be Mrs. Handy's favorite student.
She told me that she just loves her voice and she is so cute and she is her best student.
As you can see Grace really loves her teacher, after chatting with her I also really like her teacher.
Isabelle didn't want her picture taken with her artwork in the hall but I am mean and made her!! Her picture is the banana one.
It says Idioms by Isabelle~ I am going bananas. Bananas means crazy.

Mrs. Anderson is "The greatest Teacher EVER', so I am told at least once a week! Mrs. Anderson makes birthdays so fun, she sings happy birthday to each child in any genre they pick. Isabelle picked rock, but she has come home telling us about rap, opera, and country!
I seen some pretty impressive things hanging around while at the school and was sure to get pictures, so I could share.
Keyboard in the computer lab. It is approx 6 ft across and 3 dimensional.
This keyboard was made from to-go containers painted black, attached to black paper, a piece of colored paper with appropriate key was attached to the bottoms of the containers.  I thought is was one of the neatest things I've seen!

Cute song, on Texas shape, with the flag in the background!
Such a pretty flower I couldn't resist!

A yellow apple top right holds my girl's name
I know this is in the background of another picture but I was so impressed with this tree.
Teachers are some of the best (and creative)people on earth! (ok not all, but all the ones I know. And I have many friends that are Teachers)

As excited as the kids were that Jon and I both attended open house, we also were just as excited that we both went!!

What do you like about open house?

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  1. when i was a kid and in school i was always so exited to have my mother come to my school so i could show her my teachers and school even though she went through it every year i loved to see her face when a teacher told her how good i was doing and even y art work