Friday, March 25, 2011


Aaron wanted to surprise his brother and have a party celebrating Jon's birthday before he headed back to Iowa. (even though Jon's b-day was a week away)
So Julie and Jaime scrambled around bought and hung the decorations and Aaron decorated the cake.
When he walked in he was all smiles...

He looked at his cake first...

... which by the way, Aaron made in the middle of the night... Jon woke up to Aaron covering it with foil, and Aaron shooed him back to bed saying that he was just having a snack!

Then he seen all the efforts by the ladies...

I think they did a marvelous job!
To make the day even better... Aaron wanted to make Jon his favorite cookie ever...

 ...and as he was dropping them on the foil.. I noticed something pretty hilarious... ONE cookie was shaped like Texas!!!!!!!
CALL ME CRAZY, but I think it was sign!

 Have you ever had a surprise party?

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  1. It was great... so happy to have family who loves me... No bakes are awesome and of course I was thinking we might be able to sell the texas no bake on ebay for millions. :0)