Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WHOA boots!!

I am telling you that we had NO idea what we would see at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show.
So these boots seem crazy to some (me) and normal to others (obviously the guy wearing these).
 Funny story about his particular picture... Jaime had asked many people if she could take a picture of their boots...the woman with this guy... NOT happy about it! Oh well he didn't say no.

This woman proudly posed for her picture with her lovely orange hat!

Every slide is one of ours, Grace, Michael, Jacob, Samuel, Eva, Isabelle, Hannah, and Kasey       
Jon went up with the kids to try to get some really good shots of them coming down... he held the camera over his shoulder and clicked as he slid all the way down !!! Those pictures were a lovely shot of the sky and the flags on the side... these pics were taken once he stood up and turned around!
They loved this ride and everyone but Grace begged to go again!

We decided to go into Reliant Arena and what was going on in there...
Eva explains it all in this one photo...
Alpaca and Llamas in pens, they had just finished a show.

As we walked around the rest of the arena, we seen this cool cactus made of balloons...
A real cowboy getting his boots shined...

Many little stands with any cowboy/cowgirl gear ever dreamed of, including custom hats.

Once we left the arena we decided to get some food, we had heard that rodeo food was amazing!! But we had a hard time picking ... and the kids well ... they were being picky!!

So here is what we ate...
Big 'ol pieces of pizza

Huge mound of yummy cheesey curly fries and turkey legs

Isabelle loves turkey legs, she tried her first one at Disney

Annelise wouldn't let me tear pieces off for her she HAD to bite it like Isabelle!!
More boots to enjoy and take pictures of.. sparkles and all.

Spongebob and Patrick must have sneaked into the park.

Eva, Isabelle and Jaime
This ride is in motion but we thought it was so cool cuz the tent comes up over the top, and completely covers the riders.

The water squirt race... the kids seen it on our way into the park and we told them, maybe on our way out... they remembered so we gave them all a choice of a game or ride with their last tickets, some chose the tent ride, and 4 chose this game...

Grace (and Dad helping), Jacob, Hannah, and Michael and others... racing... and the winner is....
YES GRACE!!! She got to pick any stuffed animal they had and this is the one she chose!! I love Smurfs... I was tickled with her choice... so was Annelise..
She said 'that my teddy' heehee

We let the 2 oldest play again and Jacob won and picked DOMO, Julie and I have nicked named Dummo.
We took a picture right before we left the park for the day...
But of course we had to do a silly face picture! (FYI you can click on a picture to enlarge it, cuz I know you want to see ours silly faces clearly)
Jaime noticed another pair of boots that needed some photo love... she almost didn't get the picture because she forgot to remove the camera lens. :)

WOWSERS those are long!!
On our way to the car we came across a couple more serious rodeo people...
Check out that boys boots, walking wasn't easy in those!

And to end our rodeo photo extravaganza... what Jaime refered to as ' The Red, White and Blue couple'
her earrings are red hoops that sat on her shoulder
Overall we were happy we went to the rodeo carnival, sadly we actually didn't realize that we needed tickets to the carnival and the rodeo separate, so hopefully next year we will actually see the rodeo that we were hoping to see.

Do you own a pair of cowboy/cowgirl boots?

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