Thursday, January 17, 2013


Oh what a treat today, my sweet sweet girl..

LilyKate says...

*I'm a princess.
*I got a crown for Christmas.
*I like to play with Leo.
*I have lots of sisters and brothers.
*I'm in Kindergarten.
*I like to jump on the trampoline.
* I like riding my scooter.
Ms. Ahles is my teacher.
I like my small bed.
My favorite color is pink.
My favorite food are oranges.
I am 5.
August 13 is my birthday.
I don't like to clean.
I have lots of shoes.
I love Tinkerbell.
I like the show My Little Ponies.
I go to Drabek 'Dragon Land' Elementary.

I call her my bowl of sugar. Everything about LilyKate is sweet. she is the happiest child I have ever met. She loves and hugs on everyone she knows. She always compliments. The littlest things make her so happy and excited! I cannot imagine her any other way. She is a bright shining star even in the gloomy rain.
She loves school and her fantastic teacher.
I am the luckiest Mom to be blessed with such an angel!

Any questions for LilyKate?

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