Sunday, January 6, 2013


Today's post is about my second oldest child/ oldest daughter.

Hannah writes...

I think Batman is amazing.
Artichokes are my favorite food.
My favorite color is blue/teal.
I have a 4.0 GPA.
I want to be a pediatrician.
I hate homework and I have too much.
I would probably die without my phone.
I love taking pictures and drawing.
I'm not having kids, kids are evil.
For Christmas, I want a German Shepard.
I never have any money (I'm broke).
I want a cast.
I probably need braces.
My church is -6 degrees Celsius.
I'm slightly insane but that's why everyone loves me.
I'm 13, the second oldest in my family.

Ever since Hannah was a baby, I have known she had something very special and unique about her.
If you have ever seen the movie Jerry Maguire Cuba Gooding Jr. uses the word 'Quan', That is the word I have decided to use to describe Hannah. She is a little of this great thing, and that great thing, mixed with more great things!
She is so smart she amazes me. She has a heart so big I cannot believe it fits in her chest. When she leaves my house to go to a friends house I feel like I am missing my arm. I always want her nearby. She makes me laugh, she keeps me grounded, and she helps me.
I know that she is going to move furthest from me and I feel like my heart will crumble the day that happens. Her independence at just 13, is amazing yet scary.
She is my Quan child.
My life is a much richer place because of you my sweet puff! I love you.

Any questions for Hannah?

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