Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Introducing the details of my daughter.

Grace writes...

My favorite food is steak.
I am 7 years old.
My best friend is Natalie.
I collect Barbies.
My nickname is Goolah.
I get A's and B's.
I love to read books.
I like my teacher.
I have a pink scooter.
I go to church.
I like drawing hearts with bows.
I am a giggle monster.
My hair is blond.
Dancing makes me smile.
I am in 2nd grade.
I have 8 siblings.
I have a lot of jewelry.
My school is Drabek Elementary.
I like to swim.
My favorite holiday is Christmas.
I miss Angela and Trixie from Ohio.
My favorite game is playing school and house.
I enjoy going shopping.
I love my Mom and Dad.

Even though these are a year old, most of them are still on point.
Grace is extremely smart, girlie, and has the biggest heart of anyone in the house.
She lights up the room, her silliness, her outfits and her hugs, everyone enjoys when she comes into the room.  She loves to read, playing with Barbies and riding her bike.
Grace makes a face with her lips tucked in and her eyes big as can be, we call it the Grace Face!! She has done it since she was small. I feel so blessed to have Grace as my daughter, she is like a rainbow!

Any question for Grace?

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