Thursday, August 11, 2011

Discovery Green ~ FUN!!

Mist Tree is super neat....

...but the dancing water fountain at Discovery Green is SO cool!!!

I thought a photo entry about all the fun we had would nice.

We have been there only a few times but every time we go the kids love it!!

I am grateful some very intelligent, big hearted person designed this for everyone to enjoy FREE!

Each time the kids find new things to do with the water, crawl under, stand over, shower in, leap over, attempt to avoid getting wet... etc..

Smiles for miles. Kids just love this place!

Have you been to a cool fountain you can play in?


  1. well when i was a kid at sixflags yea lol but i dont think that counts

  2. We have a fountain down the street from my place in the falls, the girls love it