Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kids love getting mail!!

If you ever wanted to make a kids day... just send them something in the mail!! My kids love mail, even junk mail that I throw away, they find a use for.

These are some of the fun mail that has arrived for them... I love the decor!

I would add the pictures of more mail but they usually run off with it before I see it. or I for get to take pictures!!
However I did remember to take a picture of Isabelle smiling with her mail that came the other day...
She received a key chain from AUSTRALIA!! 

I have a friend on my Facebook that was on a trip there and was so super awesome to send her one for her collection!!!   I started collecting key chains when I was 11 and I still have 787 key chains!!!
She plans on collecting more then I have, she is well on her way she has 77 and she is only 10!!

Please think of a kid you know, and SEND THEM MAIL today!!!!
I am sure they would love it, and getting a call hearing their excited voice would make you smile as well!!

Who are you going to send mail to?

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