Tuesday, February 28, 2012


In my opinion -Being a landlord is like a terrible disease.

Owning rental properties is is definitely more difficult then I had ever expected. Especially being 1300 miles away from them.

I find myself wondering how grown men and women have such jacked up priorities!!
I mean it only makes sense that you pay for a roof over your head, then a car to get you to the job that pays your bills, and from there feel free to prioritize any which way.

If anyone can explain to me how drugs, gifts, cell phone, cable, or even food, are more important then paying your rent I would love to be educated.

And before someone says food is more important, remember I have 9 kids... and we have had hard times. I learned and received help from: Churches give out free food, family members and friends will help, if things are that bad, the government has a program.

I recently had to leave my family and go to Ohio (7 months pregnant) to take care of a rental property that took my breath away. I have never been into a house that was so mistreated in all of my life. I cannot even imagine breaking 2 windows, this house had NINE broken windows! In every wall of the house there were holes, and I don't mean nail holes either! Carpeting ripped out, baseball sized holes burnt into carpeting, carpeting tore up by an animals, and the fleas were so extreme I cannot even describe in words! In my 36 years I have never seen so much black mold in one kitchen! pics to follow

Honestly I could go on and on, but what a downer of a blog this would become (more then it already is).

On the flip side, I am extremely blessed. I have an Uncle that is brilliant, a perfectionist, and compassionate.
Uncle Dennis and I

 He came over to the property (I thought it need to be condemned) and he seen a completely different vision then me.
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The linoleum was ripped, that's actually a wall, where the heck did the DRAWER go?, a window made of duct tape!!! these are just a few pics of what I walked into!!

 I left Ohio after 30 days of being away from my husband and 8 kids and headed home... My amazing Uncle had the whole house under construction but had replaced every window in the house, refaced the porch walls, tore down and rebuilt the deck!!
I should have pictures of the finished house very soon, when I do I will post them to compare.

I am forever grateful to my Uncle for leaping into a mess that everyone else would run from!
Many thanks to Dennis and his 'crew' Dave and David!

To end this post, I would like to warn people that being a landlord is not a job I would EVER recommend to anyone! 

Do you have a rental property? How would have handled a situation like this?

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  1. awe he is such GREat person and was soo great to meet him even though it wasnt that much i am glad that i could help with sum and that it came togeather