Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Favorite Foods

Just thought I would mention the delicious (but not so healthy) foods that our house enjoys!!

As a kid, I have fond memories of eating these breakfast sandwiches at camp in southern Ohio with my cousins!! My Aunt is amazing!! Cooking and coffee are only 2 of her many talents.
Jon knows how much I loved these so he started making them for our kids.
I am grateful my Aunt introduced me and also that my husband has passed on this delicious memory to our kids.

English muffin, sausage patty, cheese and egg.

This next yummy (extremely unhealthy) food is a HUGE hit at many parties!!
The first time I had Buffalo Chicken dip, I was attending a Partylite show (I was the Consultant), for my cousin's wife. I asked her to share the recipe.
I have been making this for parties, after school snack and sometimes I send it to work with Jon.

This is the result after only a few hours every time.

Since moving to Texas, my family eats more fruit then ever!!
There are so many fruits I had never heard of until we moved here.
One being kiwi berries (little green grape sized item on plate). They are a hit around this house, we found them at SAMs.

Brussels sprouts have been a favorite of mine since childhood, but I am thrilled that my kids (most) like them as much as I do!!
Coolest thing, while at the grocery store, I came across brussels sprouts still on the stem!

I had no idea that this is how they grew. I was excited to learn something new.

Cous cous is a heavenly food that my awesome cousin introduced to me when she came to visit!!
There are many ways to eat cous cous, but my favorite is when Jon makes this salad pictured below.
Jon flavors the cous cous with chicken bouillon and tosses in tomatoes and my fav... cilantro!!

As you may have read in the post Hannah wrote, she is a Pinterest addict.
Well this sandwich (that we are grateful she found while pinning) known as Peanut Butter 2.0 is a HUGE hit around this house!!
You get a different flavor almost every bite.
It is creamy peanut butter, nutella, crunchy peanut butter on one slice of bread. 
On the other slice of bread jelly, honey, and marshmallow creme. 
We have changed out the honey for bananas as my other daughter suggested.
Even Jon and I love this sandwich. You should try it!!

I have always loved tacos. 
Up until last year, I would have defined a taco... as a flour tortilla shell, with ground beef, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, topped with taco sauce and sour cream.

Little did I know that a different type of taco would soon consume my taste buds!!

I could literally eat these tacos every day!!

My new definition of taco...
Crispy corn tortilla, chicken, taco sauce! 
Optional toppings... avocado, shredded cheese, banana peppers. I love any of these!!

This is just a few favs around our house. I don't always think to take pictures of my favorites foods, as I want to dig in as soon as they are ready!!

What are some favorite foods around you house?

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