Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Moms Club

After being in Ohio, seeing friends and family often, I knew I needed to find some friends in Texas that were home during the day like me.

So I looked online and found Moms Club.
                                     We are a local support group for moms with a purpose of:
                · Supporting mothers who choose to stay at home to raise their children
              · Engaging in activities to enrich the lives of children in our community
And so much more!!
My life has been enriched with some wonderful friends through this Club!!
My kids are so excited to 'go play with the kids' each week.
Each Monday we rotate hosting at our house, the host has snacks or in some cases a full out lunch!!
Once a month we have MNO (moms night out), which I look forward to time out with the ladies.
We have a board that makes decisions, plans outings, and puts together the monthly newsletter.
 So grateful to these ladies, as it is all volunteer and sometimes time consuming.

Let me share some pics of the group...
Some of the following pics are a bit old, (as you can tell by the Christmas tree).

Pictured are just some of the Moms and kids in our group.

Chrissy and her son Orion
Chrissy is expecting another baby, and has recently taken up sewing on her new sewing machine.
Please notice that Spider-Man had to come to play group with Leo!

Annelise pretending she is innocent     HA

Ali and her daughter Rose
Ali is known for her delicious scones, I love her phyllo mushroom yums.

Francine is from New York (I love her very faint accent),  she is my go to for just about any information I could need about things in this area.
I have already declared to her I am keeping her for the rest of my life as my friend! I love her!!

We have a lot of fun at our get togethers on Mondays.

The kids play with 'new' toys and we get to chit chat with adults for a few hours.

The groups has kids from newborn to age 5.

So laid back for moms and so much excitement for kids.
In this pic, the boys are arming the wheeled toys into each other, laughing each time!!

Pauline has 2 dimples (we all know how much I love dimples), she is our President.
She is very involved in the community and she also sells Wildtree (yum)!!

This Erica. When I spoke of full out lunch earlier, she cooks meals!! 
And delicious  ones at that.

Leo, Annelise, Meghan and Rose posing for a pic.

Francine with her son Logan, aka Leo best buddy.

The adorable Atticus!! Erica's son.

I may be short or Pauline may be tall. 

This is just one reason I love Pauline, she just makes things better!!

Annelise really loves Ella, extremely long braids!
She calls Ella her best friend.
Gaby is not pictured, but she is Ella's mom.

Dress up party!!

This Tiffany and her daughter Jayne. Since this pic, the adorable belly is now a handsome cuddly baby boy named Henry.

Grace one one of her friends that happens to be a triplet. How does this have anything to do with Moms group? Well Francine has triplet girls, and they go to same elementary school as my 3 girls.

This smile, I could squeeze him!

One of the fun outings I spoke of earlier, we took the kids to the pumpkin patch!!

My very first Moms night out!! 
Nice hair, nice clothes, nice night, yummy dinner and fantastic company!!

Pauline is president, but she also gets the job of taking group selfies.

This is what I call a very successful first time hosting!! Kids had a blast, I hope the mom did, I know I did!!

Francine and I.

Me and Ali.

Me and Jennifer with a photo bomber Ali!!
Jennifer impresses for so many reasons, she cares for you 2 toddler boys, her mom, she creates amazing newsletters, and she is very good at welcoming new people!!

Too much laughter makes fir blurry pics!!

Erica and I.

Well I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my favorite decision to expand my social circle.

If you know a SAHM (stay at home mom) please tell her to look up a Moms Club near her.
They are all over!!

What are your favorite social networks?

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  1. So happy you have this awesome group of ladies!! They look like such fun :))