Friday, February 20, 2015

Things that are different in Texas

Since moving to Texas I have learned that many things are different here from Ohio.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, I agree with the exception one thing... ME.
I am still big, but I am smaller now that I am here vs when I lived in Ohio.

The schools are bigger, the parks are bigger, the parties, the expectations, the electric bills, the pools, the smiles, the companies, the buildings, the beaches, and yes the bugs are bigger! 

There are other things that are different.
I want to share just a few of things that I realized are different...

The level of happiness my kids express is my favorite difference!
When we were planning our move to Texas, this kid was so angry with us and couldn't believe we would move him away from everything and everyone he knew his entire life.
Now he says he wouldn't want to ever live in Ohio again.

This is my friend Pauline. She introduced me to something I had never heard of
Wildtree!! Organic spices and sauces. Check out her page here.

This is a fast food place here. One day a month they offer $.91 coney dogs!!
They even text me reminders to come get my deal.
That still adds up when buying a meal for my family!!

Funny face plates started at our house 4 years when we moved to Texas!

My kids love them! Best part... they eat better when their food is smiling at them!
Gives another meaning to- Happy plate.

We have the best photo shoots here!! Almost all are outside! I cannot remember doing any of our family photo shoots outside. we all really enjoy photo shoots now that we aren't cramming 11 of us in a studio.

The only way I could add this picture to my something different post, is by saying, we wear sun glasses here all year.  These cool shades belong to Hannah's Build-a-bear!

This awesome guy is a approximately 2 inches tall! This is as close to a snowman we have been able to get. He is an iceman. 

Faith is definitely different. I mean in Ohio I knew only a few people that attended church, and proudly spoke of their faith.
Here I only know a few people that do not attend church, and all proudly speak of their faith.

Grape Vine

Fig Tree
Fruit trees in the back yard!! I have a fig tree, and grape vine. We are lucky to have friends with lemon trees, oranges trees, and dewberry trees. We make homemade jam now, which is another difference.

It has been an eye opening experience moving here. 
I believe it was the best choice we ever made.

What differences are you inquisitive about?

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  1. I don't always comment, but always enjoy your posts Heather. thanks for the tip on James Coney Island, I did not know that