Friday, July 15, 2011

Follow that lizard

 Aww a cute little lizard, looks so green against the white house.
Julie and I decide to take a bunch of pics in hopes of a great one.... we figured he must want his picture taken since we are obviously not quiet people and he came onto the porch with us....
 Man he is sooo cute and fast... where is he headed?
 Julie is closer and says "hurry bring me the camera, I bet I can get a really great picture"

 Darn it, he's so fast ... don't you want your picture taken??
 AND THERE IT IS.... the best picture!!! but wait.... what the heck......
 WHOA!!! He wanted to make sure we got a great picture alright... SEE i knew he wanted his picture taken!!
 Do you take pictures of odd things?

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