Tuesday, July 19, 2011

oops~ 9 Whippersnappers

Well my blog title is wrong...

 We sent these postcards out to friends and family.

We are having another baby.... SURPRISE... our plan at stopping at eight must not of been someone else's plan

My due date was January 8th, but it has been changed, because I am further along then expected, my new due date is December 25th!

I really hope I have the baby 2 weeks early like all but one of my other deliveries.

 Not being home with my kids on Christmas morning would be so sad.

Here is baby number 9's very first picture, baby is waving...

We are finding out what the sex is this time. We gave away or sold all that we had before we moved.

The kids are extremely excited and can't wait for this baby to arrive!

Did you make a plan of how many kids in your family?

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  1. snikies... it looks just like his Handsome Uncle Aaron from this picture..... Impressive....

    uncle Aaron