Friday, July 15, 2011

Pay Back (muahahaha)

Sometime the adults want to get back at the kids for drivin them crazy from whining, tattling (about silly stuff), making messes, and so many more reasons... so we attack them!!!!

With water balloons!!!

 "Hey kids go out back we have a surprise for you" once they were all out the door  "muahahahaha"

Ok Jon, Aaron, Julie, Jaime.... get your positions....


 With every throw the kids scream louder and run faster.... hahahahahaha we will get you my pretties....

 I need more ammo!!
 OH CRAP some of them figured out how to catch them.... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!
 OH yeah this one is gonna be GOOD!
 Oh yeah someone is getting a sneak attack.... with the last balloon!! :(

 UH OH someone is a little wet... :)
 An ouchie, poor girl.... oh wait it doesn't bring her down, it makes her mad and she has a hidden stash
 You've had it now DADDY!!!


What do you think of our attack?

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