Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mini Party

When you least expect it, an idea to entertain the kids sneaks into your head.

This tme the idea struck Julie!
She seen some "cute" little things at the store and said  "we should have a Mini Party for the kids"

So off she goes around the store finding a bunch of 'mini' things to serve the kids.

These mini jugs of juice were approximately 5inches tall.
So we absolutely needed mini cups!
But these drinks would be enhanced and so much more appealing with a .....
Mini umbrella in them!!!

Here are the other mini items she found... mini pretzels, mini corn dogs, and mini pizzas....
and for dessert (not pictured) she found mini cookies, mini french toast bites, and we made mini scoops of ice cream!!
So here is a picture of the finish meal (sorry no dessert pic).
After trying this 'Party', I have thought of a few more mini items for the next one, mini plates perhaps, mini cheese chunks, mini (aka baby) carrots, and mini oranges (aka clementines).

LilyKate loved the 'baby' drinks, with umbrella the most!

All the kids enjoying their lunch Mini Style!!
Thank you Julie for such a cute and fun idea!!

Ps All items mentioned were purchased at Dollar Tree... so fun and on a budget! MY FAVORITE!!

Do you have any ideas you can share that will entertain kids?

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