Saturday, July 16, 2011

McGuire's Irish Pub


 We had a great time and great food at this AMAZING Irish Pub....

The very first thing we noticed as we are walking in.... tons and tons of money hanging from the ceiling!!!

Money on the walls and ceiling all over the entire restaurant!!! Along with really interesting and fun decor.

This was hilarious!! Kids thought so too!

 OH snap, we collect these flatten pennies, the kids are so excited (OK so am I) (thanks for starting our collection Grandma Regular)

"Hey let's try to count just a small area"... hahaha I can just imagine what the other tables were thinking of us!

 My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing in the restaurant..... so awesome... good story to go with it too...
 I guess a man walked into the ladies room, and a woman made such a fuss that she wanted the signs removed.... (I am guessing she sued)  McGuire's had to pay a huge fine but didn't (obviously have to remove the signs)

I mean really what kind of restaurant puts a cool mirror like this in it?   THE COOLEST KIND!!

I want this table so much. I even asked where I could buy one from, it fit all 14 of us no problem and in the middle of the table it had a smaller circle that turned so you can pass stuff to one another very easy!! Like the 18¢ bowls of delicious bean soup EVERYONE tried (and loved). I really really really want one!! (in my whiny voice)

 So as we are leaving, we are enjoying the money on the walls, and the waitress asked if we would like to hang our own....

 Of course we did!!
This is a place I would enjoy all the time if their were one close!!

What would you do different if you opened your own restaurant?


  1. i don't know what i would honestly do different that's y i would call u for ideas cause ur so creative!!! :)

  2. This restaurant had tens of thousands of dollars hanging from the ceiling alone. Hope it never catches fire.